Sir Charles Rides Again!

It has been a wild last few months, but we are proud to let everyone know that Sir Charles and Original 13 Ciderworks are back! Well not 100%, but we definitely have a plan and great new place that we hope to turn into our home base to produce our hard cider right in the heart of Philadelphia. So lets start by bringing you up to speed on what we have been doing for the last few months.

We are back!

We are back!

Let It Ride…

After the mishap we had back in the fall we had a long discussion on what we wanted to do next. Obviously we were pretty down about our prospects and having little money we had only two options. We could either throw one hell of a kegger and call it a day or push in all the chips and try to get back on our feet. Deciding that important decisions like these are best made over a few drinks; we passed out and woke up the next morning and decided to roll the dice and see where lady luck took us. But this time we were not going to let the decisions of other people decide how the story of Sir Charles would play out. We needed to find our own place to make our cider, somewhere where we could control how things got done and insure things were done right.

Our New Place

Welcome to the new home of Sir Charles hard cider! Located at 1526 North American Street in the Olde Kensington section of Philadelphia, we have found a great location to start brewing. In its previous life this building served as a train depot for train engines as they would drive up the train tracks still visible down the heart of American street. While the tracks no longer connect to the street, they still run straight down the middle of the building. Beyond that, the building has thick concrete floors, tall ceilings, and lots of potential. Just what we need to make some cider! (see photos below)

We have hired Judy Robinson as our architect, who recently designed La Colombe’s new location in Fishtown, to help us turn this place into a home. Not only will it have all the brewing equipment we need to bring Sir Charles back to Philadelphia, but we have set aside the front of the building to be turned into a full tasting room and bar. We hope to have a mezzanine that looks down onto the production floor as well as a upstairs lounge so you can sit back and enjoy a pint of your favorite hard cider.

Next Steps

So now that we have a lease on our new location and have begun the process of applying for our license, we still have one major hurdle to overcome. Money. The management team behind Sir Charles has emptied their savings accounts, shaken the couch cushions, and picked up all the loose change we could find to make this dream into a reality. Unfortunately, we are still a little short. We have partnered with several local banks to help finance the building improvements and the brewing equipment, but we still need to raise about $300,000 in the next 90 days from private investors. If you or anyone you know would be interested, head on over to for more information on becoming an investor.

In the meantime we will continue to keep you posted on our progress, both on the website and on Facebook. We appreciate all the help and support our fans have given us and hope to be up and running soon in our own place in the next few months. Cheers!

Building Front

Exterior of our new home

Building Interior



Tasting room…right about here will do.


Place cider tanks here