Due to circumstances beyond our control

In business there is always risk, and some times when you roll the dice it comes up snake eyes. When we first got into the cider game we didn’t have the money to buy our own equipment and building. We also lacked the industry knowledge to convince a bank to give us a loan. What we did have was the ambition, the drive, and the wherewith all to try. So we emptied out our savings, hit up some friends and family, and found a local winery who was willing to help us.

This is a pretty common way for people to get their foot into the brewing and wine making industry. It’s called “contract brewing”, and is where one party rents the space to brew from an already existing winery or brewery. This allows a new company to get up and running quickly without a large output of capital. For over a year we did just that and for the most part, it was a mutually beneficial relationship for both us and our contract winery.

Unfortunately, after using this winery for a year’s worth of cider making, the winery ran into financial troubles. A new owner stepped in to purchase the winery, and despite reassurances that they would honor our contract, we discovered that effective immediately our contract was canceled. On top of that, since we don’t possess our own winery, we are not permitted to take possession of our own cider. In short, we are out of business.

Tis, but a flesh wound

So a lot has happened in a year. We’ve brewed some great cider, even if it took us a few tries to get it right. We learned a lot about the brewing industry, how to navigate it and how to avoid its pitfalls. We also made a lot of friends and allies who have helped us through the process. We also are now ready to take the next steps and start our own production facility with our own tasting room. We have already started that process and we hope in the next few months to be announcing our plans to move forward.

So while these events are unfortunate and certainly something we didn’t expect to happen, it is not the end. It is simply the end of the beginning. So stay posted and we hope to be back up an running in a few months to bring you all more great craft cider!