Our Team


President and Founder

Our fearless team leader, John’s passion for hard cider begins with his grandfather Charles who began brewing hard cider as a boy in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.  It was a family tradition for his grandfather to brew up a 50 gallon barrel of hard cider and bring jugs of his special brew to all his neighbors around Christmas time. John got into homebrewing as a hobby, and  soon  rediscovered the family passion for brewing great hard cider. After graduating from Drexel University with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, he traveled to England to study the art of making traditional hard cider. He graduated from the International Hard Cider and Perry Academy in 2012 and formed Original 13 in 2013. John’s favorite ciders that are not Original 13’s include dry, traditional ciders such as Alpenfire Cinders, and Aspall Dry Premier Cru. His favorite beers include Allagash Curieux, and Yards Saison.


Vice President and Operations Manager

Travis Frehafer joined Original 13 in 2014, after the company’s formation but before the first batch of cider had been brewed. In January of 2017 he quit his 12 year career at Lockheed Martin to work full time as Original 13’s Vice President and Operations Manager.
In beer, Travis prefers the darker varieties, and his favorites include  Guinness Extra Stout, and Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. His favorite ciders include  Big Hill Little Round Hop and  Frecon Farms Brix.



Clint Holmes joined Original 13  in 2016, supposedly seduced by John’s and Travis’ promise of free food. Clint has been in the wine and cider making business since 2012, and  has been mostly engaged in contract winemaking for local wineries in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. We look forward to tasting his masterful ciders and perries in Olde Kensington very soon!
Right now, with regards to beer, Clint prefers the tripel variety. His favorite ciders are  ones he makes himself.



Franco joined the Original 13 team in 2014 prior to our debut at Pour the Core.  He has assisted with sales and event management since the original launch.  Franco enjoys meeting people and introducing cider fans to our cider or converting people that aren’t traditional cider drinkers.
Franco is a huge supporter of the local craft scene, and his favorite beer and cider producers include Neshaminy Creek, Broken Goblet, Yards and Frecon.


Head of Sales

Jack remains a pepper-bearded enigma, whose comings and goings are at best esoteric. What we do know is that our stocky barbarian has a gregarious side that lends him well to being our Head of Sales. His passion for meeting new people and trying new things is matched only by his will to succeed. This savage looking fellow can be easily distracted with a pint of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, a Brix Cider, and food…of course. As he is fond of sharing tales of daring-do and tomfoolery, it is wise to limit how many pints you share with him because you may get lamented with one of his stories…that he’s already told you…a couple of times. That being said, he’s proud of his position and connection with Original 13 and is well diligent in his efforts to keep us all paid.


Head Chef

The tasting room kitchen is run under the leadership of Chef Will Rogers. Most recently Will comes to us from the Philadelphia Country Club, where he designed and executed farm-to-table tasting menus for one of just seventy certified master chefs in the US. He has also spent time in Philadelphia kitchens at Ian Moroney’s Pumpkin, and at John Klein’s Watkins Drinkery, amongst others.