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Sir Charles American Pub Cider

Our line of Sir Charles ciders and perries are named in honor of our founders grandfather, who was our inspiration to begin brewing great ciders. This line of cider is brewed in a contemporary American style, with a focus on variations like our honey-hopped Hail, Cyser!  Sir Charles hard ciders are brewed to be easy drinking, flavorful, and encompassing a wide sweetness range from dry to sweet. All of our flavors of Sir Charles are brewed with fresh pressed apples, never from concentrate, and never using any artificial flavors or colors.

If you would like more information on our Sir Charles line of cider please visit www.SirCharlesCider.com


Mead, a traditional beverage made from fermented honey, is quickly becoming the next niche beverage in America. Brewed in Europe for thousands of years, it is now seeing a popular resurgence here in America. We will be experimenting with several meads that will cover the spectrum from classical, to spiced, to variants that have a unique American twist. Our meads will only be available in our tasting room to start, but we look to have bottles available as soon as possible for customers looking to enjoy some mead at home.