Since the launch of Sir Charles cider we have generated a lot of buzz, but none more so then with the folks at Dog & Bull Brew and Music House in Croydon, Pa. Not only did they jump at the chance to tap a locally brewed hard cider, but they went one step beyond and created a whole menu around it! Not only is it totally cool for someone to give a small local hard cider a chance, but it is an honor for someone to take the time to make something added to their own menu.

Sir Charles Smokey Apple Gouda Fondue Nachos
-Fried Yellow Corn Tortillas, Smothered in a Smokey Apple Gouda Fondue made with Sir Charles Apple Cider, Loaded with Crispy Bacon, Honey Charred Tomatoes, Cider Pickled Jalapenos, Raw Onions, and Garnished with Parsley

Sir Charles Smokey Apple BBQ Chip Bun Burger
-8 oz. Beef Patty, topped with a Smokey Apple Barbecue Sauce made with Sir Charles Cider, Bacon, and Gouda Cheese, Sandwiched between Buns that have been Beer Battered and Breaded with Sweet Potato Chip Crumbs Served with an Apple & Goat Cheese Potato Salad.